Voice Overs

CastingZone.ie is Ireland's online interactive directory for Voiceovers in Ireland.

Whether you are an experienced hand at voiceovers or starting out, CastingZone.ie can assist you in getting more exposure.

Benefits of the CastingZone.ie service

  • Your online portfolio can include a CV, VO and showreel.
  • Weekly email about opportunities in the Industry including auditions and open castings
  • You will have the ability to promote your details to potential employers including Casting Directors, Directors, Producers, Production Companies,Advertising Agencies, and Agents.
  • You can be heard 24/7 and update your information at any time.
  • You will have a dedicated link, so you can email out your CastingZone.ie details (to be implemented shortly).
  • There are over 400 Production Companies who have access to you through this site.
  • We will be promoting CastingZone.ie in Ireland, UK and the USA.
  • Similar to The Spotlight, if you are represented, using CastingZone.ie will not affect your relationship with your agent, as all contact will be through your agent.
  • Artists seeking representation can let agents know via their online profile.